Leonard-Morgan, Paul / Glass, Phillip: Tales From The Loop (Original Soundtrack)

Leonard-Morgan, Paul / Glass, Phillip: Tales From The Loop (Original Soundtrack)
Artist: Leonard-Morgan, Paul / Glass, Phillip
Title: Tales From The Loop (Original Soundtrack)
Product Type: VINYL LP

Mondo, in partnership with Hollywood Records, Simon Stålenhag is proud to present Philip Glass and Paul Leonard-Morgan's exceptional soundtrack to the Amazon Original series Tales From The Loop.The score for TALES FROM THE LOOP, co-composed by Philip Glass and Paul Leonard-Morgan, is mesmerizing. Simultaneously otherworldly and timeless. If you've seen the show you know how intrinsic the music is to the overall feel of it. And still, this is a record you can equally enjoy independent of the show.The central piano melody of the main theme weaves itself throughout the entire fabric of the music, forgoing the usual sci-fi trope of electronics and synthesizers. The soundtrack is rooted in piano, cello, violin, and awash with complex orchestration. Melancholic and haunting one moment, dramatic and crashing the next. It's a towering achievement, and the interplay between the two composers is nothing short of stunning which seamlessly takes the listener on a beautiful and emotional journey.

1.1 Walk to School
1.2 Blink of An Eye
1.3 Fireflies
1.4 Running to the Loop
1.5 The Robot
1.6 The Teacher
1.7 Climbing the Tower
1.8 Are You a Robot
1.9 Asking the Guard
1.10 Burying the Book
1.11 Hope
1.12 George Tries His Radio
1.13 Stuck Here Forever
1.14 Gaddis Is Happy
1.15 A Normal Day
1.16 Grandpa's Gone
1.17 May's Frozen Life
1.18 The Fight
1.19 Last Forever
1.20 Gaddis Theme
1.21 Life of May
1.22 Approaching the Loop
1.23 Ed Pulls It Together
1.24 Always Here for You
1.25 Flash Forward
1.26 George Returns to the Island
1.27 Light in the Dark
1.28 Cole Looks for a Job
1.29 Mom Will Fix It
1.30 Tales from the Loop

Leonard-Morgan, Paul / Glass, Phillip: Tales From The Loop (Original Soundtrack)

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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