Leonel: Antares / Bunda

Leonel: Antares / Bunda
Title: Antares / Bunda
Label: Possible Futures
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

With over 30 years of combined dancefloor experience, Possible Futures have been witnesses to the wildest fauna and flora the great nocturnal jungle has to offer. While the minds of Possible Futures float in the air with their bodies rotating behind the turntables, their feet are steadily rooted in reality, enabling their musical knowledge to unfold beyond the night. The first two cuts on their record label come from the grooves of Argentine old hand Leonel, a family friend of long date. "Antares" and "Bunda" drag their dusty trails across different genres, to be enjoyed at 45 rotations per minute.

1.1 Antares - Leonel
1.2 Bunda - Leonel

Leonel: Antares / Bunda

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Product-type:12-INCH SINGLE
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