Leong Lau: Dragon Man

Leong Lau: Dragon Man
Title: Dragon Man
Label: Strawberry Rain

Leong Lau has remained somewhat of an anomaly in the record collecting scene. A fantastic LP loaded with wah guitar, fuzz solos, flute solos & wild vocals. Really impressive offering, it's amazing an album of this quality still remains unknown to many collectors and dealers. Extremely rare as an original, and hardly ever offered (even in Australia where it was made), we are proud to finally bring this one to the reissue world with Leong's full approval.

1.1 The Atlas Revolution
1.2 Ghost Drum
1.3 Rhythm Pounding
1.4 Dragon Man
1.5 Soul Baby
1.6 Deep in the Jungle
1.7 Love Poem

Leong Lau: Dragon Man

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