Leroy Burgess

Leroy Burgess: Throwback: Harlem 79-83

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Artist: Leroy Burgess

Artist: Leroy Burgess
Title: Throwback: Harlem 79-83

2007 collection featuring 12 unreleased tracks from the legendary singer/songwriter/producer recorded in the late '70s and early '80s. Some are the original demos of tracks he wrote for other artists like 'Moment of My Life' (Inner Life), 'Fly Girl' (Intrique) and 'You're My Number One' (Change) which all stand up well against the released versions. Of the seven 'new' songs, the best are classic Burgess boogie cuts like 'Scandal', 'Midnight in the Streets', 'Keepin' On', 'Under Da Radar' and 'Hold up' while 'All Into You' is a mid tempo groover. The live cover of the Isley's 'Hello It's Me' is also interesting. This brilliant project isn't to be missed if you are into Burgess, Boogie or early 80's up tempo Soul. Soul Brother.

1.1 Midnight in the Streets
1.2 Scandal
1.3 Keepin' on
1.4 Hold Up
1.5 It's So Easy (You Can Do It)
1.6 In the Moment
1.7 Fly Girl
1.8 Moment of My Life
1.9 All Into You
1.10 Under Da Radar
1.11 You Are My Number One
1.12 Hello It's Me

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