Leroy: Radiant Humble & True

$14.60 $16.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Leroy

Title: Radiant Humble & True
Label: CD Baby

This CD takes you on the kind of journey that sometimes you must take alone. Radiant, Humble and True encourages you to close your eyes and just feel the power of you. From soft monotones to heart racing beats, a mystical, musical adventure is yours for the taking - just put on your earphones and turn off the world. Radiant, Humble and True has 12 tracks but no song titles. That is intentional! We want you to tune in, turn on and drop out as the saying goes, tune in to the music, turn on your heartspace and drop out of the rat race and into the possibilities of tranquility. Radiant, Humble and True describe the truth of you, and takes you on an adventure of self discovery. CAUTION: Don't take this on a road trip! We encourage you to listen to this CD when you've got time to decompress and disapear from the world for a while. Want Road Trip Music? Try Sweet Divine Groove!

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