Baxter Les

Baxter Les: African Jazz

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Artist: Baxter Les

Artist: Baxter Les
Title: African Jazz
Product Type: VINYL LP

Composer, conductor, arranger, and musician Les Baxter is fondly remembered as one of the forefathers of the 1950s exotica sound, alongside other luminaries such as Arthur Lyman, Martin Denny, and Juan Garcia Esquivel. 1959's African Jazz is one of his most renowned and sought-after titles, at times moody and dark, at others light and whimsical, sometimes within the same song. Quintessential mood music from the master himself. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl.

1.1 Congo Train
1.2 Elephant Trail
1.3 Banana Boy
1.4 Safari
1.5 Mombasa After Midnight
1.6 Rain
1.7 Lost City
1.8 Walkin' Watusi
1.9 Ostrich Hunt
1.10 Jungalero
1.11 Cairo Bazaar
1.12 Balinese Bongos

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