Les Buffham

Les Buffham: Les Buffham & Friends 2

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Artist: Les Buffham

Artist: Les Buffham
Title: Les Buffham & Friends 2

An eclectic mix of some of the finest western artists that are gracing stages today, performing songs that I have co-written with them or others. Superb musicianship with great vocals make this album very easy to listen to as no two artists are repeated. Therefore each track has a new voice. The songs vary in mood from serious to humor giving this album a great variety for the listeners ear.

1.1 Flowers in the Snow
1.2 Ain't No Worryin' Me
1.3 Four J's
1.4 Mourning Dove Song
1.5 Marryin' Kind
1.6 What a Cowboy Knows
1.7 Preacher's Sabbatical
1.8 Color of Love
1.9 The Bones of Benny Gray
1.10 Night Train Down the Yellowstone
1.11 Headstone By the Trail
1.12 Up on the High Ground
1.13 Belle of the Cowboy Ball
1.14 There's a Rodeo Behind Us
1.15 Words of a Poet
1.16 Paint the Brown Grass Green

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