Les Friction

Les Friction: Les Friction

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Les Friction

Title: Les Friction
Label: CD Baby

LES FRICTION Three brothers: two connected by blood and one by destiny. In our lives, we have our given family and our chosen family. The brotherhood of Helmut and Franz Vonlichten and Nihl Finch has spawned many creative works over many years. ES Posthumus, co-created by Helmut and Franz Vonlichten, is known worldwide for it's themes for sports, films and brands. In May of 2010, Franz passed, ending an era and the brothers' band. After Franz's passing, Helmut had two desires: the first was to preserve and continue the spirit and work of his brother and the second was to evolve into a new sound. The relationship between Helmut and Nihl grew even stronger through the loss, and the creative fire was set ablaze. For over a year the two sketched, constructed, deconstructed, reconstructed and recorded all over the globe in search of their palette using the retrosonic process. This process was used by the Vonlichtens for the ES Posthumus records and involves printing specific elements to different formats to capture and enhance their aural essences. At once, they created musical, palette, lyrical and arcing story themes of time/space/dimension travel and the universal desire to find home. It was this process that defined Les Friction. Another brotherhood that came into play was that between Nihl and a mesmerizing singer by the name of 'Paint'. While vocal duties were shared in the making of this record, Paint's ability to deliver the emotional weight of the story made him the perfect messenger.

1.1 Louder Than Words
1.2 Torture
1.3 What You Need
1.4 Here Comes the Reign
1.5 World on Fire
1.6 Save Your Life
1.7 Sunday
1.8 String Theory
1.9 Come Back to Me

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