Les Hooper

Les Hooper: Out of the Woods

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Les Hooper

Artist: Les Hooper
Title: Out of the Woods

1.1 Cool School Dropout
1.2 Poultry in Motion
1.3 Muddy Road
1.4 New Suit for Zoot
1.5 Blue 'N Green - Les Hooper, Davis, Miles
1.6 Life Without You
1.7 Miles Back
1.8 What's Goin' On? - Les Hooper, Gaye, Marvin
1.9 Don't Know Why - Les Hooper, Harris, Jessie
1.10 Back in Blue Orleans
1.11 Until You
1.12 Bleep Blop
1.13 We'll Be Right Back
1.14 Willow Weep for Me - Les Hooper, Ronell, Ann

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