Les Points

Les Points: Anthoms

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Les Points

Artist: Les Points
Title: Anthoms
Product Type: VINYL LP

Anthoms is a diverse experience through past sonic waves transformed in to future matters. Obscure dance music for everyone. Repetitive, expanding into human emotion - only possible via expressions and not sound-designs. Les Points aka Audino, Barbir, Louh & Nicola Kazimir.

1.1 Dolpinhouse
1.2 8Bit
1.3 Kalaelectromelancholie
1.4 Alphex
2.1 Sowaswotdochjede
2.2 Acidtooler
2.3 Motherearth Ohne
3.1 Bakteria
3.2 Warpz
3.3 Attentionv2
4.1 Credittofbahyposampleditbabes
4.2 Kosmicspace
4.3 Finalboss

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