Les Rabiates: Le Monde Est a Toi

Les Rabiates: Le Monde Est a Toi
Title: Le Monde Est a Toi
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: VINYL LP

Le monde est à toi - music from the other side of the fence EP 12' 45rpm 180 gram vinyl special Edition Dark songs for late hours Les Rabiates present the mini- LP ' Le Monde est à toi' Bremen. The Bremer band Les Rabiates bet on vinyl, to wit, on 6.35 ounces of heavy, top quality black vinyl. Already, last year the band released ' Destination Unknown ' as a mini-album in LP format. Now with ' Le Monde est à toi ' (published by the Bremen label Fuego ) a second prank : It is a mini- LP, which runs at 45 rpm, thus containing only six songs with just over 23 minutes of playing time . For those who only want to exhibit the beautifully created LP cover on their sideboards, ' Le Monde est à toi' also includes a coupon for MP3 downloads of the complete record. Achim Gätjen, once the head of the literary ambitious, wild jazz formation, Swim Two Birds, is the leader of Les Rabiates. They have existed for around five years, pursuing initially, fragile jazz ideas. Until the quintett developed into a kind of film noir band, commuting between dark rock music and chansons, with a pinch of blues feeling thrown into the whole mix. Already on the very first vinyl LP we were surprised that Achim Gätjen, primarily a saxophonist, picked up the vocal microphone; with a cellar deep voice, reminiscent of other gentlemen with grating voices . He also had at his side the Spanish songstress CaLi, an effective feminine dark counterpart. In ' Le Monde est à toi' they have become a finely tuned vocal duo interpreting songs like ' A long Goodbye ' sung in quasi Raymond Chandler - style, and Howlin 'Wolf's classic 'Do the do' opening a door to the blue, but at the same making it their own . Les Rabiates manage without a bass, the necessary low sounds come from analog keyboard Museum Michael Berger, the warm and delicate guitar plucks Andy Einhorn and sittting in on drums, Jens Ahlers . Occasionally, a few deep saxophone licks from Gätjen are heard. A beautiful LP for late hours. Les Rabiates was founded in September 2008. The line up was Achim Gätjen (sax, vocals), Jens Ahlers (drums), Ralf Benesch (git, sax), Michael Berger (analogue keys). Les Rabiates works with different artists and musicians. In the beginning of 2009 Les Rabiates work together with the German/Polish writer and poet Artur Becker. The first album "Eine Kiosk mit elf Millionen Nächten" was published at fuego (Bremen/Germany). At the end of October 2009 the 6-track-online-album "Bastard" with CALi, a singer from Spain has been released. New lineup in 2013: Achim Gätjen (sax, vocals), CaLi (vocals, percussion), Jens Ahlers (drums), Andy Einhorn (guitars), Michael Berger (analogue keys).

1.1 The Garden
1.2 A Long Goodbye
1.3 Le Monde Est À Toi
1.4 Ain't Got No
1.5 Do the Do
1.6 The Beast

Les Rabiates: Le Monde Est a Toi

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