Les Vegas

Les Vegas: H.D.A.B.G.

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Les Vegas

Title: H.D.A.B.G.
Label: CD Baby

H.D.A.B.G. (Hard D*ck & Bubblegum) is the 4th Studio Album from American rapper Les Vegas, which was released May 20th 2014 by Do Dirt Music. The album's title was inspired by an old saying that Les heard as a kid growing up in Southwest Fresno California.

1.1 It's Nothin' [Explicit]
1.2 All Day (Feat. Waz) [Explicit]
1.3 Feelin' Like Pac [Explicit]
1.4 No Mercy (Feat. Aplus Tha Kid) [Explicit]
1.5 She Ready (Feat. Dengee) [Explicit]
1.6 Go Get It [Explicit]
1.7 Tonight It's on (Feat. 99 North ; G\X96Baby) [Explicit]
1.8 They Out Here (Feat. Dee Lee) [Explicit]
1.9 Never Been Fake (Feat. Reece Loc ; MacS\X96A\X96Million) [Explicit]
1.10 Gangstas Don't Dance [Explicit]
1.11 Pimp Fees (Feat. B\X96Dot) [Explicit]
1.12 Chop It Up (Feat. MacIsh 1Hunid) [Explicit]
1.13 The Best Trees [Explicit]
1.14 Up in Smoke [Explicit]
1.15 That Girl (Feat. Cakemixx ; Booby Smoov) [Explicit]
1.16 Two Fingers Spreaded [Explicit]
1.17 The Fallen (Feat. Cakemixx ; Big Deville)
1.18 Happy (Feat. Rap Star Falcon ; G\X96Baby) [Explicit]

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