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Leslie Maclean: That's Time Enough

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Artist: Leslie Maclean

Artist: Leslie Maclean
Title: That's Time Enough

NOTES The medley, To Oz? To Oz! Features four arrangements of Maclean are that are quickly becoming a hit with regional radio and club listeners. Somewhere Over the Rainbow begins slow, cool, and beautiful, and then picks up the pace with hip, underlying riffs in 5/4 time ala Dave Brubeck's Take 5. Leslie began the arrangement a long time ago with that particular rhythm in mind. The melody becomes more angular, but remains as beautiful as ever. 'It gave the melody a different world in which to exist, much like Oz itself,' Maclean said. Be prepared for a musical adventure, as We're Off to See the Wizard takes you on a surprise journey. Disguised in a minor versus a major key, it awakens your curiosity. Percussionist Jerry Pollock kicks off If I Only Had a Brain with a driving funky rock rhythm. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead presents itself with a Bebop-style head and a lyrical beginning. Other highlights include: A Night in Tunisia, A Child is Born, Billie's Bounce, Poinciana, I Loves You, Porgy, Chichèn-Itzà, and Roll in the Hay. Chichèn-Itzà; with it's Latin rhythm and Roll in the Hay were also composed by Maclean. The latter is a playful combination of a little country, a little jazz, and a Little Rock-n-roll that was influenced by an Oliver Nelson tune entitled Hoe Down. On That's Time Enough, Maclean partners with two impressive musicians: Bob Bowman on bass, and Maclean's husband Jerry Pollock on percussion. Maclean admires Bob Bowman for his musicality, imagination and identifiable style. 'He understood the arrangements right away. I would love to kidnap him from Karrin Allyson,' Leslie said. Jerry's playing adds tremendous musical excitement. He really pays attention and listens to the music. I've never found another drummer that can come close to what Jerry can do with fills and transitions,' Maclean said. BIO Leslie Maclean, pianist, composer, vocalist and teacher, has been a professional musician since the age of 13. While in college, Leslie worked extensively with free jazz proponent Muhul Richard Abrams. Her imaginative and artistic performance at the Midwest Intercollegiate Jazz Festival won her the esteemed American Music Foundation Award, granted to the single outstanding instrumental soloist at the event. Leslie was deemed 'the best' by judging panelist Marian McPartland, who presented the award. She has appeared as a warm-up act for jazz legend Stan Kenton, and has appeared at many top Chicago jazz clubs and on television and radio. Leslie has also performed with guitarist Mundell Lowe and drummer Roy Burns. She cites as one of her main influences the music of the Big Bands, and enjoys bringing the ensemble-style articulations of the big band sound into her playing and her arrangements. Her piano style also owes much to her background in classical music and displays a satisfying depth of touch and sensitivity to the piano keyboard. Leslie's original tunes reflect her wide-ranging musical interests and run the gamut from straight-ahead swing and well-crafted ballads to driving Latin rhythms and jazz fusion. She earned a Master of Music in piano performance at the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University.

1.1 A Night in Tunisia
1.2 A Child Is Born
1.3 Billie's Bounce
1.4 Chichen-Itza
1.5 Somewhere Over the Rainbow
1.6 We're Off to See the Wizard
1.7 If I Only Had a Brain
1.8 Ding Dong, the Witch Is Dead
1.9 Poinciana
1.10 Roll in the Hay
1.11 I Loves You, Porgy
1.12 That's Time Enough

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