Leslie Pintchik

Leslie Pintchik: In the Nature of Things

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Artist: Leslie Pintchik

Artist: Leslie Pintchik
Title: In the Nature of Things

In a personal note that follows the liner notes of her impressive new CD 'In The Nature Of Things' (Pintch Hard Records), pianist and composer Leslie Pintchik cites the 'extraordinary warmth and generosity (not to mention the superb musicianship) of all of the band members. With that in mind,' she continues, 'I settled on the name 'In The Nature Of Things' to reflect the feeling I had that all of the musicians on this date honored the fundamental intent and 'nature' of the music, as I had conceived it.' Pintchik's new recording features eight of her original tunes and one standard. A gifted composer, Pintchik has imbued each track on her new CD with a strong character and flavor of it's own. The wide range of grooves - swing, New Orleans second-line, samba and various Latin-based rhythms - and the equally wide range of feeling inherent in the tunes inspired her well-seasoned band members to take this material, run with it, and then some. About her band-mates, Pintchik writes 'What great good luck to live in a city where I've been able to meet and play with such creative, responsive musicians, who consistently bring so much to the table.' For this outing, Pintchik returns with two of her treasured long-time cohorts, bassist Scott Hardy and percussionist Satoshi Takeishi. Michael Sarin, the extraordinary drummer with whom she's been playing for the past three years rounds out the rhythm section. All three track this multi-layered music beautifully, and always give it what it asks for. The superb saxophonist Steve Wilson (with whom she recorded on an earlier CD, 'Quartets') and the wonderfully resourceful trumpeter Ron Horton complete the band. '...enormous gifts as a composer, arranger and pianist.' - All Music Guide 'The strength of Pintchik's original compositions lends her music great depth and beauty...' - Jazz Inside Magazine '... Pintchik may have been a 'late starter' in the world of jazz, but her passion and intelligence as a pianist and composer is unquestionable...' - Canadian Audiophile.

1.1 With You in Mind
1.2 I'd Turn Back If I Were You
1.3 I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face
1.4 Luscious
1.5 Sparkle
1.6 Terse Tune
1.7 Ripe
1.8 Ready!
1.9 There You Go (Performed Live)

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