Levon Mikaelian: Beautiful Motions

Levon Mikaelian: Beautiful Motions
Title: Beautiful Motions
Label: CD Baby

Levon Mikaelian and Rhodie Jorgerson are very excited to share with you the release of their new Ballet Master Class CD. Discover a blend of eloquent musicianship that will set an inspiring mood, and serve as a strong functional tool. On this CD you will find original compositions by Levon Mikaelian, including arrangements of traditional Armenian folklore, as well as classical masterpieces.

1.1 Plie (Awakening)
1.2 Tendu No. 1 (Yellow Shallow)
1.3 Tendu No. 2 (Silentium)
1.4 Tendu No. 3 (G. Rossini)
1.5 Degage (Armenian Variation No. 1)
1.6 Fast Degage (Armenian Variation No. 2)
1.7 Pas de Cheval (Days of Youth)
1.8 Rond de Jambe (Inspired By Chopin)
1.9 Fondu (Pleasant Dream)
1.10 Frappe (Katyusha)
1.11 Rond de Jambe en L'air (Water Circles)
1.12 Stretch (Innocence)
1.13 Adagio (Kilikia)
1.14 Grand Battement No. 1 (March)
1.15 Grand Battement No. 2 (Polonaise)
1.16 Center Adagio: La Bayadere, Act 2
1.17 Center Tendu No. 1 (Walk in the Park)
1.18 Center Tendu No. 2: Concerto No. 5, BWV 1056, 1. Allegro Moderato
1.19 Pirouette No. 1 (Waltz)
1.20 Pirouette No. 2 (Dance By Komitas)
1.21 Pirouette No. 3 (Mazurka)
1.22 Petit Allegro No. 1 (Nice and Light)
1.23 Petit Allegro No. 2 (Note from Home)
1.24 Petit Allegro No. 3 (Mes Emmerdes By C. Aznavour)
1.25 Grand Allegro (Big Waltz)
1.26 Pointe (Pull Up)
1.27 Men's Variation: Swan Lake, Op. 20, Act 3, Male Variation
1.28 Coda: Don Quixote, Act 3, Final Coda
1.29 Reverence: Nocturne 20, C-Sharp minor Op. P 1 No 16

Levon Mikaelian: Beautiful Motions

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