Liam Finn

Liam Finn: I'll Be Lightning

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Artist: Liam Finn

Artist: Liam Finn
Title: I'll Be Lightning

Indie wunderkind Liam Finn has burst onto the musical landscape with the force and presence of an artist twice his age. The 23 year old New Zealander plays nearly every instrument on his first solo release I'LL BE LIGHTNING, a responsibility he doesn't relinquish when performing live. During his raucous yet intimate performance Liam utilizes effects pedals to create, sample and loop bass, guitar, drums, vocals and even Theremin. Liam's sound ranges from foggy and intimate to fuzzed-out garage but melodies are always the order of the day. On I'LL BE LIGHTNING, Liam has translated the shambolic energy of his live show onto vintage 2-inch tape, yielding a studio album of frightening power and endless hooks.

1.1 Better to Be
1.2 Second Chance
1.3 Gather to the Chapel
1.4 Lead Balloon
1.5 Fire in Your Belly
1.6 Lullaby
1.7 Energy Spent
1.8 Music Moves My Feet
1.9 Remember When
1.10 Wise Man
1.11 This Place Is Killing Me
1.12 I'll Be Lightning
1.13 Wide Awake on the Voyage Home
1.14 Shadow of Your Man

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