Liam Finn

Liam Finn: Nihilist

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Artist: Liam Finn

Artist: Liam Finn
Title: Nihilist

New Zealand rocker Liam Finn is gearing up for the release of his third full-length album, THE NIHILIST. Featuring 12 new tracks, this album finds Liam at his most refined and inventive in the studio, with other-worldly arrangements and blissfully catchy hooks. He has received Artist to Watch accolades from the Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, Billboard and Stereogum, performed on Letterman and Ferguson and has shared stages with the likes of Eddie Vedder, the Black Keys and Wilco. 'There's quite a groovy, irreverent swagger to it,' Liam says of the record, 'but there's always this slight element of unhinged tension.' It's a fitting description for the record as a whole, which balances moments of triumph and anxiety as he channels it's countless characters' inner workings through his own musical prism to reveal his finest, most sophisticated work yet.

1.1 Ocean Emmanuelle
1.2 Nihilist
1.3 Snug As Fuck
1.4 Helena Bonham Carter
1.5 Burn Up the Road
1.6 Dreary Droop
1.7 Miracle Glance
1.8 4 Track Stomper
1.9 Arrow
1.10 I
1.11 Wild Animal
1.12 Wrestle with Dad

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