Liars: Liars

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Liars

Title: Liars
Label: Mute

The Liars have never been a band comfortable with staying in one place for very long. Geographically, personally and most of all musically, each successive album that Liars release comes with a new agenda, a new heritage, a new set of reference points and a new way of thinking about music. The new album, Liars, was recorded on the heels of 2006's drum's not dead, somewhere between la and Berlin, and marks another bold transition for angus Andrew, Aaron Hemphill and Julian Gross, this time exchanging theory for a more practical approach, one based on traditional song structures and instrument usage.

1.1 Plaster Casts of Everything
1.2 Houseclouds
1.3 Leather Prowler
1.4 Sailing to Byzntium
1.5 What Would They Know
1.6 Cycle Time
1.7 Freak Out
1.8 Pure Unevil
1.9 Clear Island
1.10 The Dumb in the Rain
1.11 Protection

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