Liberty Leg

Liberty Leg: Ginger Lee

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Artist: Liberty Leg

Artist: Liberty Leg
Title: Ginger Lee

Ethan Richeson: Vocals Craig Ziegenhorn: Guitars Josh Carrollhach: Drums with special guests David Zollo: piano and organ Kellie Everett: Baritone Sax Olivia Rose Muzzy: Acoustic Bass Byron Stevens: Acoustic Bass Hagan Meyers: Accordion Engineered by Luke Tweedy Mastered by Carl Saff.

1.1 Bad Weather Shoes
1.2 Country Doctor
1.3 The Dude Has Got No Mercy
1.4 Ginger Lee
1.5 Mother Jones
1.6 1776
1.7 Heavy on the Road
1.8 Shaking
1.9 Old Machine
1.10 5000 Diesel Horses
1.11 Fruit of the Vine

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