Libitina: Closer Communion

Libitina: Closer Communion
Title: Closer Communion
Label: CD Baby

Reviews: '... one of the best goth rock albums of the decade...' (Dark Velvet, USA) '... it's very hard to believe that it's their first ever release. Recommended...' (BRV Magazine, UK) 'Libitina's sound is a fast moving mix of synth and guitar-safely away from any cliches...' (Cherry, UK) 'A must for every dark soul!' (Empyre, Belgium) Press release: Libitina unleashed their debut CD, 'A Closer Communion', in February 1997 to coincide with a live appearance in Sheffield, supporting The Horatii at Epitaph. The CD was received with considerable acclaim, by press and public alike. Indeed, the album was voted joint best album of 1997 by the readers of UK.people. Gothic. Produced by Stephen Singleton, one of the founder members of ABC, the album has been played in clubs and on radio shows throughout the world. The band takes it's name from an ancient Roman goddess. Libitina was associated predominantly with darkness and the shades. In common with many early Roman divinities, however, she came to be confused with other goddesses; these were Proserpina (presiding over funeral rites) and Venus (the goddess of love and marriage). The lyrical themes of Libitina have been influenced strongly by this trinity of love, darkness, and death. The band's own material on 'A Closer Communion' is complemented by a take-off of Pulp's 'Common People', entitled 'Gothic People'. Recorded with the permission of Jarvis Cocker and Island Records, this song has gained cult status in Goth clubs the world over. More reviews of 'A Closer Communion' are reproduced below: Aether Sanctum 6, Australia. ' ... they do the goth rock thing excellently and professionally. One listen to their 'A Closer Communion' debut CD will bear that out. It just oozes quality - equal parts Bauhaus, Danse Society early Sisters/ Rosetta/ Mission and a unique tangent all of their own. There's life in the UK scene yet - and Libitina are definite proof of that.' BRV Magazine, UK: '... I was well impressed... it's very hard to believe that it's their first ever release. Recommended... Watch this band- they will be big!' Dark Velvet, USA. 'Libitina is by far one of the best bands (and one of the cutest!) to come out of the British underground goth scene in years. They combine the traditional gothic rock sound with a modern twist... this is one of the best goth rock albums of the decade and if you don't own it, you should. Empyre, Belgium: '... they make very good Gothic music... with strong and catchy rhythms. A must for every dark soul!' Legends Magazine, USA. '... ghostly guitar work, intricate and sometimes pounding drum and bass along with spooky keyboards that float and wrap around the rest of the instrumentation provide a wonderful web of music... all pieces of sound compliment one another in an almost perfect combination.' Starvox, USA: ''Gothic People'... an instant neo-gothic anthem... I never cease to be amazed by the wealth of talent existing outside the mainstream.'

1.1 Esclaviditud
1.2 My Beautiful Sustenance
1.3 Painter Whiter Than White
1.4 The Ephemeral Bed of Fire
1.5 Dies Irae
1.6 Drowning in the Dark
1.7 Smile of the Martyr
1.8 Desires of the Lonely
1.9 Fragility of Self (No Siren Eyes These)
1.10 Epilogue (Non Credo)
1.11 Gothic People
1.12 Painted Whiter Than White (Whitewash)

Libitina: Closer Communion

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