Libitina: Shadowline

Libitina: Shadowline
Title: Shadowline
Label: CD Baby

Reviews: '... a good club album' (Zillo, Germany) '... a true coup...' (Amboss Mag, Germany) 'One of the best UK releases of 2003.' (Kaleidoscope, UK) '... fresh and vital.' (Starvox, USA) 'Libitina blends dreamy 80s fantasy movie synthesizer sounds with overdriven guitars, distorted bass synths, and fabulous vocal hooks. Every song on 'The Shadowline' has an irresistibly catchy chorus that you will be singing along to before the end of your inaugural listening.... This is a dynamic album, great for dimly lit clubs or bedrooms.' (Comatose Rose, Canada) 'The subtle electronic arrangements blend very well with the trademark reverberated guitars and the melodic lines... Overall, more emphasis is given to the synthetic elements, which give the production a modern edge... Libitina are growing strong...' (Darklife, Germany) '... this is a great album as a whole... The quality is really good and the way the tracks flow together make it more enjoyable to listen to in it's entirety rather than picking one or two tracks out of context.' (Gothic Paradise, USA) '... geared for the dance floor, and for capturing your classical and romantic sides.' (Grave Concerns, USA) '... this is a good album - tracks such as 'Dirt I Cannot Wash' and 'Colours Revealed' seem to stick in your head for ages after you've heard them...' (Hardwired Musical Mayhem, UK) 'This is suitable for those that like their goth traditional but with an eye on the dancefloor.' (Meltdown, UK) Press release: 'The Shadowline' was engineered and co-produced by Reza Udhin (of UK electro-industrial band Inertia). It is the first Libitina album to feature Phill as main vocalist. Released in September 2003, 'The Shadowline' marks a development of the band's emotionally intense sound. It has met with international critical acclaim for it's mixture of dark anthemic songs and thoughtful, romantic lyrics.

1.1 Matins
1.2 Dirt I Cannot Wash
1.3 Mea Culpa
1.4 Shibboleth
1.5 Colours Revealed
1.6 All That I Have Ever Lost
1.7 Mutual Faith
1.8 A Higher Unity
1.9 Diomedean Exchange
1.10 Lux Fiat
1.11 Valediction
1.12 Vespers

Libitina: Shadowline

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