Lichen Gumbo

Lichen Gumbo: Boilin

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Lichen Gumbo

Title: Boilin
Label: Aguirre Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Lichen Gumbo is a lo-fi underground rock band from Finland. Boilin' was recorded during a week of seclusion in a small cabin deep in the woods with no running water and at home during an exceptional heat wave hitting Finland in 2014, hence the Boilin' title for this album of hazy tunes. The selected songs range from Throbbing Gristle hits to a more noisy garage style. Mixing heavily distorted drums and guitars, vocals varying in style going from garage, no wave to totally deranged, and synth bubbles which sound like they're recorded straight from the water surface of hot springs (or perhaps they just borrowed a Moog from Acid Mothers Temple). Lichen Gumbo are Olli Aarni and Ville Oinonen. Olli has been recording under his own name since 2011 and mostly works with electronic sounds. He has released music as Ous Mal and Nuojuva. Ville joins him for the lo-fi ride that is Lichen Gumbo. Hand-assembled sleeves; Artwork by Olli Aarni, Ville Oinonen and Mia Tarkela; Mastering by Kris Delacourt; Edition of 150.

1.1 Country Boy
1.2 Let Me Low
1.3 Lavender
1.4 Hours Later
1.5 Lowrider Stomp
1.6 Silver Dream
1.7 If I Needed You Too
1.8 Rice Slinger
1.9 Death Ahead

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