Jerry Chapman

Jerry Chapman: Introducing

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jerry Chapman

Title: Introducing
Label: CD Baby

Life in General is a 2-piece folk-rock combo from Winston-Salem, NC. Oh, no wait... jason moved to Charlotte & then up to Massachusetts, then New Jersey. Now he's finally in Nashville, TN. Jerry moved around to a couple different cities in NC, but finally settled on Mount Airy (yep, that's Mayberry). Anyway, the boys have recorded 6 CD's, but haven't done anything in a while. In the summer of '07, they decided it was time for album #7. This is it. Some new tunes. Some really cool covers (Sting, Lit, Cyndi Lauper). A bunch of songs from older albums. Not exactly a 'greatest hits' CD. More of an introduction. Maybe that's why it's called 'Introducing... Life in General.'

1.1 Fields of Gold
1.2 Emily Laughed
1.3 If You Only Had the Time
1.4 Hopscotch in 03
1.5 My Own Worst Enemy
1.6 Cow Tipping
1.7 Blueskywriter
1.8 Red Rubber Ball
1.9 So Long, True Love
1.10 New Car
1.11 Let's Just Suppose
1.12 Learn to Fly
1.13 San Bernardino
1.14 Time After Time (With Sam Shaber)
1.15 Don't Mess with It
1.16 End
1.17 Spacegirl
1.18 Something's Gotta Give
1.19 Comfort Me
1.20 Under Your Wing
1.21 Through Being Sad

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