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Life Project: Life Project: LP2

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Life Project

Title: Life Project: LP2
Label: CD Baby

2 CD ALBUM - 21 tracks - Life Project: LP2 is the highly anticipated second album from Miami's answer to Everything But The Girl. Carving out a unique niche all their own, The Cut is a chilled-out, vocally driven 'lounge' set sung by the incomparable Angie Giles, matched by the beat-drenched soundscapes of Patrick Giles aka HiRO?. The Mix is HiRO? at his pivotal best and wearing his DJ moniker, delivering 12 unique combinations of mixes and remixes. 'It's like the infamous Hotel Costes series only cooler and more creative!' wrote iconic fine-art graffiti artist David Leroi, a fan and one of the many that flock to the band's weekly residence at the world famous DELANO hotel in South Beach, Miami, for one of the most celebrated 'must-see' sets in town. If you love lounge, chilled out beats and amazing female vocals matched with lyrics that speak to universal themes then this is the album for you. Uniquely presented by one of the country's most celebrated lifestyle stores, BASE, Life Project: LP2 is destined to be this year's 'must-have' audio accessory. Don't say we didn't tell you!

1.1 Happy Hour
1.2 Never Enough
1.3 Crazy
1.4 Over the Water
1.5 High Time
1.6 Round and Round
1.7 Nu World
1.8 I'll Be There for You
1.9 Emerge [Instrumental]
2.1 Somebody
2.2 Dust-On-My-Shoes Mix
2.3 Nu World [MS. Bella Remix]
2.4 The Renewable-Resource [Mix]
2.5 Happy Hour [The Red-Room Remix]
2.6 Crazy [DFC Mexico City Remix]
2.7 So It Goes
2.8 Energy-On-A-String [Mix]
2.9 Round and Round [The Base Tribute Remix]
2.10 Never Enough [The Black Room Remix]
2.11 Run
2.12 Bigger-Than-A-Dream [Mix]

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