The Lifeline: Reflections of Hope

Lifeline: Reflections of Hope
Title: Reflections of Hope
Label: CD Baby

'Class meets Sass". A phrase that explains so much about The Lifeline, yet still leaves just as much to the imagination. Sophistication and beauty paired with an edginess and attitude that would make James Dean proud and Mozart blush. The Lifeline truly is a band that has poured every ounce of themselves into their music, grabbing onto the thoughts and feelings of all who are willing to lend an ear. Emotions fuel this band. They drive and dictate the direction of each powerful note and gripping melody. Their sound undoubtedly has proven that the infusion of classical and rock music can be done, not only in a tasteful manner, but also in a way that can be appealing to audiences around the world. In November of 2006, The Lifeline released "For All Who Triumph" which allowed people to see the band blurring the line between musical genres by not only mixing different styles but also by bringing a concept to the entire record. "Our goal with an album has always been to leave a person with a feeling of satisfaction at the end. Like at the close of a movie or your favorite book," says vocalist Ryan T. Hope. "You remember each chapter and the lessons it taught you. By the end you've gone through a journey that's made you stronger and more self-aware." The bands next endeavor consisted of a series of music videos put together to create a short film called "Trilogy." For an unsigned act, Trilogy proved to be above and beyond anyone's expectations. The video has received much acclaim making it into many film festivals such as the West Hollywood Film Festival and the Midwest Independent Film Festival. It has also received the Golden Eagle award from CINE as well as best cinematography at the Midwest Independent Film Festival's BMA's in 2008. To date "Trilogy" tops the list as one of the bands crowning achievements. The Lifeline finished off 2008 perfecting a small group of songs to follow up the release of "For All Who Triumph." It wasn't long before songs like "Crashing Waves" and "Romeo and Juliet" caught the attention of on air-personalities at Chicago's local rock station, Q101.1, and were quickly added to the rotation on the stations program Crash Test Radio. The bands popularity among fans increased and it wasn't long before they found themselves opening for artists such as "30 Seconds To Mars" and "Saving Abel." In 2009 The Lifeline were one of three bands nominated from over one hundred and fifty artists for an MTV video music award in the category of "Best Chicago Breakout Artist." The band was also only one of twenty artists from around the world to be selected to take part in alternative rock festival, "Rock Saga" in Negril, Jamaica. 2011 marks the release of their much anticipated album, 'Reflections of Hope.' Their "class meets sass" approach paired with an epic live performance is certain to help propel them to the very top.

1.1 Why So Serious?
1.2 Forgive, But Don't Forget
1.3 Push and Pull
1.4 Wherever You Go, There You Are
1.5 Indivi (Duality)
1.6 Hellboy
1.7 Never Enough
1.8 The Alchemist (Stay with Me)
1.9 Crashing Waves
1.10 Romeo and Juliet
1.11 Rebuild Reality
1.12 Reflections of Hope
1.13 The Ending

The Lifeline: Reflections of Hope

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