Lighthouse Rising

Lighthouse Rising: In Troubled Times

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Artist: Lighthouse Rising
Title: In Troubled Times

"In Troubled Times" was born from a period when our nation's economic crisis began to hit home. From the national news headlines and Wall Street, the demise of financial security came flooding down into the streets of our small rural communities as jobs were eliminated, businesses failed and homes were lost in it's wake. Flowing with passion and promise, "In Troubled Times" applies the healing balm of God's faithfulness to the human soul through worship. "Love, Love, Love" - expresses the unrelenting love of Jesus for His people and the power and strength available to us as we learn to respond to that love. "Unafraid"- with it's deeply personal lyrical content offers encouragement in the midst of our struggle to lift our eyes above our circumstances and on to the Author of our faith. "The Nehemiah Song" echoes our cry to the father as we are sometimes overwhelmed by our own personal failures. "Cling to the Cross" offers the beauty of the cross in dealing with issues of sin and temptation. The name "Lighthouse Rising" really speaks of the heart of Lighthouse Christian Fellowship in Twin Falls, Idaho. The church itself, birthed among the rubble of difficult times some 16 years ago, has seen first hand the faithfulness of God to draw vibrancy and new life through His refining grace in the face of adversity. Lead pastor, Greg Fadness and his wife Pam have been writing songs and leading worship for over 25 years. Now, together with vocal talents of daughter, Caitlin Fadness, worship leader Jennifer Jorgensen and the musical talent of the Lighthouse worship team, they represent the fellowship of believers as "Lighthouse Rising". Influenced by bands such as Delirious?, Hillsong, U2, Charlie Hall and John Mayer - Lighthouse Rising presents their debut album, "In Troubled Times" with a desire to encourage God's people and to extend a hand to those searching for hope and assurance in unsettled, unpredictable times.

1.1 Now and Forever
1.2 Unafraid
1.3 An Offering
1.4 Love, Love, Love
1.5 Cling to the Cross
1.6 Nehemiah's Song
1.7 God Has Spoken
1.8 Awaken Me
1.9 We Are All in the Family
1.10 Send Me
1.11 Come to the Waters

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