Lightning in a Twilight Hour

Lightning in a Twilight Hour: Slow Changes

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Artist: Lightning in a Twilight Hour
Title: Slow Changes
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Limited 10" transparent vinyl EP. 2015 release from this band led by Bobby Wratten, formerly of the Field Mice, Northern Picture Library, and Trembling Blue Stars. The group's members include the regular suspects like Beth Arzy, and Michael Hiscock, who was the bassist in the Field Mice (Bobby's seminal band). This partnership has contributed to pieces like the ones that make up Slow Changes, an album where Wratten let's his more ambient and experimental side loose, but without letting go of his delicate and pure pop songs. This is, definitively, a marvelous appetizer. As has occasionally occurred on some of the work Bobby has released with some of his other projects, this mini-LP leaves room for experimentation and instrumental pathways. And they also give US some songs that only increase our impatience for the arrival of Lightning in a Twilight Hour's first full-length.

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