Lil Jon

Lil Jon: Crunk Juice

$16.32 $18.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Lil Jon

Title: Crunk Juice
Label: TVT

This double disc reissue of CRUNK JUICE features the original album and a bonus disc of skits and remixes. Also included is a DVD with videos and live performances.

1.1 Crunk Juice
1.2 Get Crunk
1.3 What U Gon' Do
1.4 Real N!#*a Roll Call
1.5 Bo Hagon's Phone Call
1.6 Da Blow
1.7 Contract
1.8 E40 Choppin
1.9 White Meat
1.10 Stop F*In Wit Me
1.11 One Night Stand
1.12 Aww Skeet Skeet
1.13 Chris Rock Get Lower
1.14 Stick That Thang Out (Skeezer)
1.15 Grand Finale
2.1 Vivica a. Fox
2.2 What U Gon' Do [Jamaican Remix]
2.3 What U Gon' Do [Latino Remix]
2.4 Lean Back
2.5 Let's Go
2.6 M Nage Trois
2.7 Gasolina [DJ Buddha Remix]
2.8 Chris Rock Crunk Rock
2.9 Roll Call [Crunk Rock Remix]
2.10 Roll Call [Bad Brains Remix]
3.1 What U Gon' Do [Video]

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