Lil' Pigg Penn

Lil' Pigg Penn: It Is What It Is Mob

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lil' Pigg Penn

Title: It Is What It Is Mob
Label: CD Baby

LIL PIGG PENN is one of the most well known rapper/producer in the Sacracramento area. With family from California all the way to down south, he has a style that most can relate to. Selling over 8,000 copies with no distribuion. LIL PIGG PENN is one of the most hard working rapper in his area, proforming at many places like, black exspo, bobby t's sport's bar, cusomes river college just to a few it doesn't matter if there was four people there he will still put on a good show. Since his first album THE HOGG IN ME, LIL PIGG PENN has been featured on album such as Hyrisk. Hustle hard. Who put sac on the map, The best of Sacramento, Lil spade, brother lench hung and nolove's n.w.o, and has also produce many of these albums as well. In 1998 Murder dog magazine named LIL PIGG PENN one of the top 10 underground artise in northern California, if he would of had distribuion behind him he would has sold alot more units. LIL PIGG PENN was born and raised in Sacramento and has made a house named for his self, Most will agree that he is one of the best out of Sacramento.

1.1 A Few Words (Intro)
1.2 In the House
1.3 I Go
1.4 Whip It
1.5 I'm Going to Need a Lawyer
1.6 Southside
1.7 Get Money
1.8 I'm Fresh
1.9 What You Know About Pig
1.10 Where You at
1.11 Do It for the Mob
1.12 It's Nothing to a Boss
1.13 Back Bone
1.14 You Know What It Is
1.15 Sunshine
1.16 I'm About That
1.17 That's Gangsta
1.18 It's Your Boirthday
1.19 Put It in My Pocket
1.20 Your Not Ready
1.21 Hate Me More

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