Lil Rev

Lil Rev: Sing Song Daddy

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Artist: Lil Rev

Artist: Lil Rev
Title: Sing Song Daddy

1.1 Flip
1.2 No Culture No Class
1.3 I'll Be Around Long After I'm Gone
1.4 The Night Dan Emmett Wrote Dixie
1.5 The White Man's Burden
1.6 My Bluebird's Blues
1.7 The Old Sheboygan Soft Shoe
1.8 The Milwaukee Waltz
1.9 Be Careful What You Write
1.10 Gone to the Ages
1.11 Jasper Johns
1.12 Working Class Uke
1.13 Giving the Dog a Bone
1.14 John Lee's Dream
1.15 Woohoo for Your Hoo-Hoo

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