Lil Rob

Lil Rob: Love and Hate

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Artist: Lil Rob

Artist: Lil Rob
Title: Love and Hate

Fresh back from 1218 Part II tour, Lil Rob is set to release yet another album, LOVE AND HATE. After releasing the long awaited album 1218 II in 2008, Lil Rob is proving that he is here to stay. With this album, a wiser Lil Rob, shows US his different side.

1.1 In My Blood
1.2 You Don't Understand
1.3 Get a Grip '/Cuz You're Not Where You Should Be"
1.4 Make You Say
1.5 Dream
1.6 Together
1.7 Jam
1.8 Jealous
1.9 Lay You Down
1.10 Where You from
1.11 Can't Believe
1.12 What Goes Around Comes Around
1.13 Off My Mind
1.14 Smile

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