Lima Charlie

Lima Charlie: It's So Easy to Be Creepy

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lima Charlie

Title: It's So Easy to Be Creepy
Label: CD Baby

The follow-up to 2005's 'More Medication, Please,' Lima Charlie's new disc 'It's So Easy To Be Creepy' continues in the tradition of eclectic alternative rock that characterized the debut. NYC's Sugarzine says: 'It's So Easy To Be Creepy has staying power. It has character. And it has talented musicians. Anyone who appreciates intelligent rock music will no doubt garner praise on Lima Charlie.'

1.1 Banana Boat
1.2 Disease Parade
1.3 Cafe Con Piernas
1.4 Menopause Graduate
1.5 Sunday Hangover
1.6 Creepy
1.7 Infinite Doldrums
1.8 Average Caucasian Blues
1.9 Super Size My Love
1.10 Good to Be Back
1.11 Bar Sluts
1.12 Election Day

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