Lima Charlie

Lima Charlie: More Medication Please

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Artist: Lima Charlie

Artist: Lima Charlie
Title: More Medication Please

Lima Charlie formed in early 2004 and started playing out soon after that in Connecticut and New York clubs. The band's sound is a marriage of several styles ranging from hard-edged indie rock to jazzy, acoustic folk to keyboard driven pop. The live shows are enhanced by improvised forays into uncharted territory, allowing the songs to develop and change over time, and guaranteeing the audience a unique experience. Musically (and philisophically), Lima Charlie is influenced mostly by modern bands who aren't afraid to take risks, such as Sonic Youth, Ween, and Radiohead. The group has just completed it's debut album, More Medication, Please, released 8/05.

1.1 Ice Cream Man
1.2 Helen Keller
1.3 Sorry Sarah
1.4 Window Stains
1.5 Rotten Bones
1.6 Jumped the Gun
1.7 Lazy Loser
1.8 Ants in My Pants
1.9 Old
1.10 The Sound
1.11 Hateful Chickens
1.12 Blood
1.13 Dry

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