Linda Allen

Linda Allen: Long Way Home

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Linda Allen

Title: Long Way Home
Label: CD Baby

A Tribute to the road less traveled and the gifts found there. Linda Allen's sixth recording continues her tradition of songs that informa and transform. Rich vocal's with exquisite harmonies provided by her daughters, Jen and Kristin Allen-Zito. Musical arrangements feature Tracy Spring, Julian Smedley, Jami Sieber, Jim Nunally, David MacVittie, Bill Douglass, David Lange, Laura Smith and more! Other titles: Mama Wanted To Be A Rainbow Dancer October Roses Women's Work Washington Notebook Lay It Down: Images of the Sacred Comments: 'Allen understands how the connections between music, social issues and spiritual experience all meld together to bring empowerment and self-esteem through an art form whose history is steeped in being the expression of those who typically have had little or no voice...(it's) about coming together to share a vision for a healthier, happier life.' Every Other Weekly.

1.1 The Long Way Home
1.2 There Will Be An Answer
1.3 Shadow of the Wolf
1.4 Love Is a Stone
1.5 A Small Vase of Flowers
1.6 The Old Moon Rocks in the New Moon's Arms
1.7 The Drought
1.8 The Healing of the Night
1.9 It Never Seemed Right
1.10 The Fall
1.11 Echo Song
1.12 The Way the Wind Blew
1.13 Eve
1.14 The Bargain
1.15 Credo

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