Linda Allen: October Roses

Linda Allen: October Roses
Title: October Roses
Label: CD Baby

Some comments: 'Her talent for baring our most profound secrets and questions is more finely hones and more powerful than ever.....October Roses is a paean to aging, personal growth, and human relationships that successfully and unself-consciously crosses the boundaries of gender and musical taste.' Sing OUt! Magazine '...a lot of power and a lot of heart. You choose to write songs that show courage in the choosing.' Charlie King '--a wealth of sensitive lyrics, combined with a clear, resounding sculptured harmoney reveals simple and grand heroic women...a soft, mellow, but gnerous work of art.' Seattle NOW Newletter 'Linda sings with extraordinary grace and compassion of common lives radiant with strength, courage, and love. Her exquisite voice reaches straight to the heart. October Roses, one of the best produced folk albums I've ever heard, is a delight to listen to.' Fred Small '(October Roses) struck so many chords in my heart and consciousness that I've rarely gone a day without listening since. ..It reaches out from the heart and the gut to tell of loving, losing, and finding again, of getting old and celebrating it, of struggles, injustices, jealousies and courage. It fairly sparkles with the gentle compassion and strength that it takes to survive in a world that's not perfect....In essence, she sings of human spirit with dignity, humor, anger, patience and love......The album's title song,; 'October Roses', is a celebration of the strength, beauty and worth of the older woman. It reaches out and caresses the wrinkles. A joy! 'If Hope is a Flower' deals with the unfulfilled dreams, fantasies and struggles involved in being a single parent. It's a song of courage, endurance and hope. 'Why Don't You Sing in the Chorus?' brings back all those childhood jealousies, rejections, and stubborn reactions to being last picked or not picked at all for something you wanted really bad...something you knew you could do better than anyone else...of only THEY would give you a chance. Great song! Makes you feel good. 'Just Friends' and 'Working It Out' are about relationships and how to recognize what the boundaries are, how to have them, keep them, and make them better. 'Sally's Quiche' is just for fun and a good recipe to boot. 'Spirit Keeper' is a throat-constricting, powerful, necessary song about child abuse. It hurts to hear it and that's as it should be, because children are being hurt and we need to do whatever we can to stop the pain. Music is a powerful message. This is one to buy and share and treasure. Jaine Ryder, Journal of Prism Music Society 'When Linda Allen performs, she sings a that her audience can connect with....She brings passion and humor to her music through the stories she sings. 'I write what has moved me through the past several years,'Allen said.'The message is in the story. People will connect with it. Hopefully, when people feel, they will act.'' Western Front.

1.1 October Roses
1.2 If Hope Is a Flower
1.3 Overland, 1852
1.4 I'm a Mother, I'm a Writer
1.5 Workin' It Out
1.6 Just Friends
1.7 Spirit Keeper
1.8 Together Again
1.9 Sally's Quiche
1.10 Why Don't You Sing in the Chorus?

Linda Allen: October Roses

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