Linda Draper: Bridge and Tunnel

Linda Draper: Bridge and Tunnel
Title: Bridge and Tunnel
Label: Planting Seeds

2009 release. The evolution of singer/songwriter Linda Draper's music continues to thrive with her third release produced by Brad Albetta (Martha & Rufus Wainwright, Teddy Thompson). The album showcases 10 fresh new songs further exploring Draper's signature sound: light, enchanting music with gentle, heartfelt honest lyrics. 'Limbo' leads off the LP capturing the very essence of morning's first ray of sunlight. It is followed by the stripped down splendor of 'Sharks And Royalty'. The collection's charm continues to shine bright in the tracks 'I Will' and 'Pushing Up the Day', both primed to be sure classics.

1.1 Limbo
1.2 Sharks and Royalty *
1.3 I Will
1.4 Time Will Tell *
1.5 Pushing Up the Day *
1.6 Close Enough *
1.7 Broken Eggshell *
1.8 Bridge and Tunnel
1.9 Mother's Little Helper*
1.10 Last One Standing

Linda Draper: Bridge and Tunnel

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