Linda Hopkins

Linda Hopkins: Here'S The Kid

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Artist: Linda Hopkins

Artist: Linda Hopkins
Title: Here'S The Kid

Linda Hopkins sings the same way she looks At the age of 11 she slipped into the New Orleans 'Palace Theatre to see her idol Bessie Smith. In 1950 she performed at a singing contest and was hired on the spot by a club owner. From there on she became a famous star like Billy Holliday, Lena Horne, Johnnie Otis. She made several recordings and kept touring with her band Black & Blue all over the world. She also participated singing the soundtrack for Clint Eastwood's movie 'Honkie Tonk Man'. A great jazz /blues / gospel singer with a very special voice. Also she was honored with a star on the "Hollywood Walk Of Fame".This album with songs that vary from Jazz, Blues and Gospel is a live album, the atmosphere is fantastic. Higly Recommended.

1.1 One Mint Julep
1.2 Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand
1.3 While You Were Steppin' Out
1.4 Route '66
1.5 As Long As He Needs Me
1.6 It Took a Long Time Baby
1.7 Summertime
1.8 Meet Me with Your Black Drawers on
1.9 Nobody Knows You When Your Down and Out
1.10 Down Home Blues
1.11 Amazing Grace
1.12 Precious Lord (Take My Hand, Precious Lord)
1.13 Trouble Don't Last Always

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