Linda Kadis

Linda Kadis: So Long Ago-Go

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Linda Kadis

Title: So Long Ago-Go
Label: CD Baby

Fog quietly overtook the landscape as night descended. In nightclubs throughout the city, innovators were experimenting with new approaches to rock music. The early 1980s in San Francisco witnessed a vibrant sense of creativity as music from new wave to world beat to punk found appreciative audiences. Linda Kadis was part of that scene. With bands including Urban Renewal, she performed frequently at North Beach's Chi-Chi Club and the East Bay's Berkeley Square, centers of the local original music scene, and in clubs throughout the Bay Area. Her songs bridged rock, new wave, world beat and punk in a combination distinctively her own. As well as performing live, she and guitarist Jay Kadis recorded demo versions of her songs with the hope of eventually releasing a self-produced album. Now, years later, the recordings have been remixed for release on Dexter Records. These 11 songs still sound as fresh as the day they were recorded, a testament to their timeless rock'n'roll sound and energy. Linda Kadis began singing about the same time she started walking. She studied classical piano as a child and later took up the guitar as an accompaniment. But her real love was singing. She performed with the acoustic country/blues band Hand Picked and then started writing her own songs. She performed with several original rock bands in the 1980's around the San Francisco Bay Area and later in cover bands. Linda's style is reminiscent of '80's singers Blondie and Pat Benatar, add a bit of Romeo Void and a dash of No Doubt. Her songs are musically compelling with memorable hooks and dance-beat grooves, New Wave and World Beat with a dash of punk and ska. If you like strong rock/pop songs featuring tasteful arrangements and a bit of an edge, So Long Ago-Go is just the ticket. And just to reinforce the 1980's connection, this release is a vinylCD, a tiny replica of a vinyl LP that plays like a CD. Top Ten Reasons To Buy This CD 10. If we make some money on this we won't have to sell the house, move in next door to you and play this stuff live in the garage all night. 9. You wouldn't want us to have to tell the world about those things you did in the '80's, now would you? (See #8) 8. You don't need leg warmers, shoulder pads or expensive white powder to enjoy the music. 7. The album was not tested on animals. (Except Dexter and he was running the label.) 6. You have no idea how hard it is to type a top ten list in Word, which insists on helping... 5. While the music IS from the '80's, it won't carry all the negative associations because you never actually heard it before. 4. You can claim archaeology credit for discovering a 20 year-old relic vinylCD. 3. Nobody else will have it on their iPod yet. 2. It will help reverse global warming. 1. It's actually pretty catchy music.

1.1 28 Percent
1.2 Binary Love Affair
1.3 Black ; Blue
1.4 Favorite Enemy
1.5 Bad Connection
1.6 Imitation of Love
1.7 Follow Me
1.8 Missing Facts
1.9 Double Feature
1.10 Hearts on Sleeves
1.11 Photograph

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