Linda Lara

Linda Lara: Musical Yoga Adventures: World Journey

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Linda Lara

Title: Musical Yoga Adventures: World Journey
Label: CD Baby

Are you ready for another musical yoga adventure journey?! This time you will be transported around the world, to places like: Africa, China, Egypt, Japan, Latin America and Native America. Also included is a partner song, with specific partner poses, as well as relaxation songs, to create a sense of calm and warmth, as well as opportunities for guided imagery. Extra care was taken in creating each song, using instruments and real animal and nature sounds, as well as the style from that specific part of the world. The words and rhythms are specifically designed to help you remember the yoga poses and sequences, and all will help you become stronger, more flexible, coordinated, balanced, and confident. This music can be used at home, in school, in music, yoga and dance classes, and in settings where development and physical conditioning are addressed. There are vocal and instrumental tracks of the songs, and with the exception of the relaxation tracks, every vocal track has a routine designed to go along with it. However, anyone can create an original routine to go along with these wonderful and fun-filled yoga songs! Enjoy the journey...

1.1 Sun Salutation
1.2 Soar Like An Eagle
1.3 In the Desert
1.4 Dragon Song
1.5 Lean on Me: Partner Song
1.6 Butterfly
1.7 Monkey See, Monkey Do
1.8 Beautiful Baby: Song for Niya
1.9 Sa Ta Na Ma
1.10 Soar Like An Eagle (Instrumental)
1.11 In the Desert (Instrumental)
1.12 Dragon Song (Instrumental)
1.13 Lean on Me: Partner Song (Instrumental)
1.14 Monkey See, Monkey Do (Instrumental)
1.15 Beautiful Baby: Song for Niya (Instrumental)
1.16 Sa Ta Na Ma (Instrumental)

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