Linda McRae

Linda McRae: Fifty Shades of Red

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Artist: Linda McRae

Artist: Linda McRae
Title: Fifty Shades of Red

1.1 Strength Hope and Love
1.2 How Can I Bring Her Back
1.3 L;N
1.4 I'll Watch Your Lovelight Shine
1.5 Falling Off the Face of the World
1.6 Be Your Own Light
1.7 Station
1.8 Living in the Past with You
1.9 Map
1.10 Three Midnights
1.11 Some of My Friends
1.12 Put the Hurtin' Back in the Bottle
1.13 Rough Edges ; Ragged Hearts
1.14 Burning Bridges
1.15 Another One Got Away
1.16 As the Night Falls Down

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