Linda Stevens: Linda Stevens

Linda Stevens: Linda Stevens
Title: Linda Stevens
Label: CD Baby

Linda Stevens Pretenders meets ZZ Top meets Fleetwood Mac collides with It's A Beautiful Day, this album synthesizes retro 70's influences into an original folk-rock textured musical serving that rocks too hard for folk (and that's a good thing), sometimes goes down to the blues for a long cool drink, but comes back to the party with the meat potatoes of rock and roll: good songs, good arrangements, and good performances. This is the new debut, self-titled release from L.A. based singer/songwriter, Linda Stevens. Linda is joined with her husband, Corey Stevens (Blue Drops of Rain, Road To Zen), and his collaborators, producer Edward Tree, guitar virtuoso Gary Hoey (Peacepipe), Will MacGregor, Dave Salinas, Eli Thomson, Glen Gerard and members from her band, James Waldman and Chris Jordan. Recorded at the studios of Edward Tree and Gary Hoey, the album not only showcases Linda's songs and vocals, but also shines a light on Gary Hoey, Corey Stevens and Corey's former band mates. Gary's mixes, Corey's signature guitar work, and a solid rhythm section makes this musical journey from Linda Stevens a well-rounded encounter worth taking. -J.Cortez Dec. 2004.

1.1 God Rest My Soul
1.2 Can't You See
1.3 Baby Tonight
1.4 Purple Flowers
1.5 Every Day and Every Night
1.6 I'll Still Keep on Loving You
1.7 Find Your Number
1.8 Seems to Me
1.9 Ring the Bells
1.10 This Rain in Your Heart
1.11 Highway of Love

Linda Stevens: Linda Stevens

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