Lindsay Evans: Road to Damascus

Lindsay Evans: Road to Damascus
Title: Road to Damascus
Label: CD Baby

Produced by songwriter Grant Peeples, (who penned eight of the ten songs) 'Road to Damascus' is loosely thematic. In an earlier musical age this might have been called a "concept album." What ties these songs together---songs which vary in tone from folk and accoustic rock, to bluegrass and traditional country---are underlying, and mostly subtle, Biblical themes. Nothing preachy. And these are no 'praise' songs. What Lindsay has made is a thinking person's album. No dogma comes into play here. Some Biblical allusions notwithstanding, this isn't what you'd call a 'religious' album, (any more than you would call 'Born to Run' a New Jersey album) though people, on a personal level, might feel a justifiable pull in that direction. 'Road to Damascus,' the title cut, is the apostle Paul singing BEFORE his conversion experience on the road to Damascus. 'Unoriginal Sin' is a comedic duet between Adam and Eve, with Eve definitely taking the upper hand. 'Sins of the Fathers' takes the Old Testament concept of concequence and uses it to address violence in the world today. 'Wilderness' is Jesus himself longing for a simpler, more black-and-white time, juxtaposing his ambivalence about the present (today's chaotic world) with the clear distinctions and choices that the devil presented him in the Wilderness. '36 Believers,' possibly the most commercial of the songs, was penned by Peeples twenty years ago, when a schoobus carrying a church youthgroup ran off a mountainside in Kentucky. 'Shooting Star' is a Dylan lovesong, rarely covered, but a real jewel that Evans flys with. A trapeeze artist with the FSU Flying High Circus, Lindsay Evans' voice often seems to 'fly' on the album. It is a rich and moody voice whose power and range she exhibits without actually showing off. The musicianship backing Lindsay up is strong and professional, though decidedly out of the way of her and her songs. All of the musicians (which includes her father, Jerry, who lends signature piano work to many of the tunes) come from around the small but renown music community of Sopchoppy. It is this small North Florida town that is Lindsay's family home, and where the album was recorded. "There's three recording studios in Sopchoppy, and not a single traffic light." grins Evans. "I guess we've got our priorities, huh?"

1.1 Road to Damascus
1.2 Well
1.3 Revolutionary
1.4 Shooting Star
1.5 Wilderness
1.6 Unoriginal Sin (Duet)
1.7 Sins of the Fathers
1.8 36 Believers
1.9 Groom's Still Waiting at the Altar
1.10 Road Less Traveled (Duet)
1.11 36 Believers (Bonus Track, Alternate Cut)
1.12 Turn to Me

Lindsay Evans: Road to Damascus

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