Lindsay Jacobs

Lindsay Jacobs: Changing

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lindsay Jacobs

Title: Changing
Label: CD Baby

An Independent Contemporary Christian/Country singer/songwriter from Bakersfield, California; her fans call her music "worshipful, honest, thought provoking" and compare her soulful voice to the likes of " Celine Dion and Martina McBride." Although relatively new to songwriting, she is no stranger to the world of music. At the tender age of eight, she began fulfilling her dreams to become a classically trained pianist, established vocalist, and aspiring performer. Lindsay began her journey as a singer/songwriter in 2009 after experiencing two, life-altering events during her first year of marriage. Discovering that her husband had cancer and that she was unable to have biological children as a result became a catalyst of change in Lindsay's life. Music was no longer a pastime, but an essential outlet to express feelings of doubt, fear, and uncertainty about the future. With the support and encouragement from her family, church, and an A&R rep in Nashville, she left her day job as a teacher and made the move to Nashville in order to pursue music full time, grow as a songwriter, perform at showcases, and network with some of the most talented musicians in the world. Her ultimate goal is to use her life story and music as vehicles of inspiration to reach other's who may be going through difficult times in life. Her faith in God and hope in His promises are evident in the music on her upcoming project as she encourages others to "keep fighting, keep trying, have faith, believe," despite the odds they may be facing. As she prepares for her upcoming Radio Promotion Campaign and release of her first EP in January, Lindsay admits that the future seems uncertain at times. Despite this reality, she continues to hold on to the promise that God will make His plan known to her as she continues to trust Him. She quotes a line from her single "Changing" to illustrate her sentiments: "Some days I feel so I even belong here...was it a mistake to think I could ever win...but this longing deep the reason why I try... to express the feelings I can't hide...not gonna look back, not gonna look back."

1.1 Changing - Lindsay Jacobs
1.2 Friend of Mine - Lindsay Jacobs
1.3 I Found a New Love - Lindsay Jacobs

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