Lindsay Thomas Morgan

Lindsay Thomas Morgan: Kids

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Artist: Lindsay Thomas Morgan
Title: Kids

Using the singing talents of children from the Farming Communities of Mount Forest, Holstein, and Dromore, based in Central Ontario, Canada, Lindsay has recorded a wonderful Christmas CD, fun to listen to for folks of all ages. Born in CARDIFF, WALES, son of a Lay Preacher-Merchant Navy Sea Captain, LINDSAY crossed the ATLANTIC OCEAN six times by small cargo steamer, before the age of eight CAPTAIN TOM MORGAN took his wife DOROTHY and two young children, LINDSAY, and his older sister ANTHEA, on three exciting voyages to CANADA. To this day LINDSAY can remember the massive storms, tidal waves, icebergs, and whales, he saw as a small boy. He says' I will always be grateful for the incredible memories my father gave me by taking me on those voyages', 'I will forever love, and remain in awe, of the ocean'. LINDSAY started playing guitar and writing songs at the age of eleven. His first UK recordings were in the duo 'JOHN PATTERSON & LINDSAY MORGAN', and then as the 'Folk-Rock-Gospel' band 'THE PROCLAIMERS'. After moving to CANADA he spent the early part of his performing and recording career, in the Duo 'JACQUELINE & LINDSAY', traveling extensively across CANADA, as well as some memorable stints in Jamaica, Barbados and Antigua. Then later with JACQUI, founding the band 'MORGAN'. The 'MORGAN' band over a nine-year period (1970-1979), fronted by LINDSAY and JACQUELINE, went through many different changes and personnel. Many talented Canadian musicians were a part of 'MORGAN' for various periods of time including BILL DILLON, BOB DOIDGE, DANIEL LANOIS, DAVE BURT, RACHEL PAIEMENT, ED ROTH, MIKE HEFFERNAN, GARNET TODD, JOHN DOERR, BILL CYMBALA, RON KNAPPETT, and many others. For a more complete account of the 'MORGAN' story, click on the name. Also LINDSAY, friend and song writing coach to a young 9-year-old ALANIS MORISSETTE, produced her very first single, 'FATE STAY WITH ME', which has recently become a highly prized 'collectable' record. For a more detailed account of this click on 'ALANIS', or read PAUL CANTIN'S 'YOU OUGHTA KNOW'. Of all the numerous books, web sites, newspaper and magazine articles, written about ALANIS, Canadian author PAUL CANTIN, was one of the few who took time to track LINDSAY down, and get his account of that period of ALANIS' development, first hand. The first two chapters of PAUL' S book is practically word for word LINDSAY'S interview with PAUL, with little editorializing. Since becoming a solo performer in 1986, Lindsay has continued to write and produce material for other artists. He has also been involved in stage production as musical director.

1.1 Kids
1.2 Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy
1.3 It's a Holly Jolly Christmas
1.4 Silver Bells
1.5 Feliz Navidad
1.6 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
1.7 Santa's Song
1.8 Christmas Island
1.9 Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
1.10 Up on the Housetop
1.11 Santa Clause Is Coming to Town
1.12 Winter Wonderland
1.13 Jingle Bells
1.14 Edelweiss

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