Lindsey Buckingham

Lindsey Buckingham: Seeds We Sow

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Product Type: CD

Title: Seeds We Sow
Label: Buckingham Records

With the release of his 6th solo album SEEDS WE SOW, legendary Fleetwood Mac songwriter and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham has created some of his most personal and intimate lyrics and songs of his storied and award winning career. From the soft melodic pop/rock tinge of "End of Time", the albums most rockin track, "One Take", and the almost lullaby-esque hushed tones of the closing number, "She Smiles Sweetly", the album showcases Buckingham's full arsenal of skills.

1.1 Seeds We Sow
1.2 In Our Own Time
1.3 Illumination
1.4 That's the Way That Love Goes
1.5 Stars Are Crazy
1.6 When She Comes Down
1.7 Rock Away Blind
1.8 One Take
1.9 Gone to Far
1.10 End of Time
1.11 She Smiled Sweetly

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