Lindsey Webster

Lindsey Webster: Love Inside

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Artist: Lindsey Webster

Artist: Lindsey Webster
Title: Love Inside

2018 release. Lindsey Webster is the first vocalist to score four #1 Smooth Jazz radio hits in a row and was recently named the #1 Billboard Smooth Jazz Songs Artist for 2017. She's been on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz chart for an amazing 60 weeks. Her swift rise has been nothing short of spectacular! Love Inside promises to be Lindsey Webster's breakout album. The album's first single, "Love Inside," is quickly following the suit and making it's way up the chart!. Other highlights such as the sensuous "It's Not You, It's Me" (featuring Rick Braun) and the soulful "Free To Be Me" (featuring Norman Brown) help make Love Inside a must have release for Lindsey's growing legion of dedicated fans!

1.1 Love Inside
1.2 A Love Before
1.3 Bad Grammar (Me ; You)
1.4 Free to Be Me
1.5 Dream
1.6 Don't Give Up on Me
1.7 One Last Time
1.8 Even If He Lied
1.9 Walk Away
1.10 It's Not You, It's Me
1.11 Opportunity 2.0
1.12 By My Side

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