Lino Capra Vaccina

Lino Capra Vaccina: Antico Adagio

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Artist: Lino Capra Vaccina
Title: Antico Adagio
Product Type: VINYL LP

One of two LP versions. Includes the first six tracks from Lino "Capra" Vaccina's Antico Adagio (DS 027 CD), originally released in 1978. Antico Adagio is an amazing work that anticipated countless others in the field of so-called "new age" and world music, yet remains at the crossroad between those genres and experimental and electronic music. Apart from a few violin parts and the extraordinary vocal lines (sung by Vaccina himself and Juri Camisasca), Antico Adagio is an album fully built on percussion. At the same time, it's the farthest thing from the typical idea of percussion. You won't find a single trace of African or primitive beats: instead, this is a collection of rather long, subtle and thoughtful compositions, crafted with vibraphones, marimbas and gong. Together they create a work which will remain unique - both in Lino Vaccina's discography as well as in a more general sense.

1.1 Elegia 7:37
1.2 Voce In Xy 5:00
1.3 Canti Delle Sfere 5:14
2.1 Frammenti Di Sono 6:48
2.2 Movimento E Silenzi Per Spazi Bianchi 4:42
2.3 Antico Adagio 10:05

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