Lionel Baptiste Jean

Lionel Baptiste Jean: Icecreamsongs

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Product Type: CD

Title: Icecreamsongs
Label: CD Baby

Both Lionel and Kizzy work with children in L.A. Icecreamsongs (Learning Tools for Kids Who Love to Dance) is a project that came out of developing ceative ways to teach and play.The multiplication raps really work!

1.1 My Favorite Icecream Song(C)
1.2 Itsy Bitsy Reggae Spider
1.3 If You're Happy (Samba Mix)
1.4 This Is the Number Four(C)
1.5 Jammin' Hokey Pokey
1.6 Rasta Happy Birthday
1.7 Soulful Twinkle Little Star
1.8 A B C Go Baby
1.9 A Rap About the Nines
1.10 Hip Hop Bingo
1.11 Groovin Wheels on the Bus
1.12 The Robot Song(C)
1.13 Clean Up Time(C)
1.14 Six Is for Science(C)
1.15 A Rap About the Eights(C)

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