Liptak / Arnold / Snyder

Liptak / Arnold / Snyder: Dove Songs

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Liptak / Arnold / Snyder
Title: Dove Songs

Composer David Liptak releases a collection of chamber works, featuring the cycle,"Dove Songs," written for soprano Tony Arnold with pianist Alison D'Amato. Liptak, longtime composition professor at the Eastman School of Music, writes music that is expressively rich and poignantly lyrical. Rounding out the program are pieces for guitar, cello and piano, and violin and piano, featuring guitarist Dieter Hennings, cellist Steven Doane, violinist Renee Jolles, and pianists Margaret Kampmeier and Barry Snyder. David Liptak's music has been described as "luminous and arresting," "richly atmospheric," and having "transparent textures, incisive rhythms, shimmering lightness." His compositions have been performed throughout the United States and abroad by the San Francisco Symphony, the Montreal Symphony, the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, and many others.

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