Liquid Generation

Liquid Generation: Quarter to Zen

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Liquid Generation
Title: Quarter to Zen

Liquid Generation was one of Seattle's first Neo-Psyche bands in the early '80s. They released one rocking/rave-up single, "¼ to Zen" b/w "I Love You," then they were gone. Now it's time for their first CD, Quarter To Zen, 16 songs - all recorded long ago in the purity of 4 & 8-track analog, pushing the VU needle way into the red. Inspired by the Pebbles/Nuggets style re-issues of the early '80s, they picked up the gauntlet and ran with it, covering The Kinks, The Troggs, more obscure '60s bands like The Remains, The Choir, The Ugly Ducklings, The Gants, and The Chob, plus Pacific NW rock and roller The Wailers, Don & The Goodtimes and more. Many of those are gathered here as well as a splattering of their own compositions. Nothing pretty or sweet here, nothing clever, just pure rock from five young dudes with nothin' to lose.

1.1 1/4 to Zen
1.2 We're Pretty Quick
1.3 All Good Things
1.4 Hang Up
1.5 She's Mine
1.6 From Home
1.7 Out of Our Tree
1.8 This Is the World We Live in
1.9 Once Before
1.10 I Need You
1.11 Little Girl
1.12 Til the End of Time
1.13 Nothing
1.14 Going Out of My Mind
1.15 I Love You
1.16 Endless Summer (Hidden Bonus Track)

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